Espresso coffee while camping? You be the judge.

My husband loves to drink coffee, all types of coffee. American coffee, Espresso, Flavored Coffee and others. Recently I made a purchase for some coffee I thought he would enjoy. Unfortunately, it was for an espresso machine which we do not own. Since I knew he would love the flavor, I also bought him an espresso maker. Now here is the review of it.

This is the Mini Portable Espresso Maker by Kaleep. I purchased this item on Amazon, here is the link: I bought this item because it was modestly priced and being that my husband is pretty much the only one who would use it, I figured it would be great. Little did I know. I should have done better homework on it because I did not know it did not heat your water. You actually have to add hot water to it. But, I am getting ahead of myself. The unit is actually nice and compact. It has 6 pieces in total.

You can see on the left side from top to bottom the base with the pump, the cup and the filter. On the right side from top to bottom are the spout, the water tank and the measuring cup. The use is very straight forward, you measure your coffee with the measuring cup, then fill the filter. Place the filter on top of the base and then screw on the spout tightly.

Now remember what I said earlier, this unit has no electrical components and does not heat water. So, now you take your water tank and fill it to the fill line with boiling water, careful not to burn yourself, and screw it on the bottom of the base.

Now, you take the whole unit and flip it around. Unscrew the pump unit, place the cup under the unit and start pumping until you feel no additional resistance and the unit stops dripping. Ah, finally to the part where this unit stops working as expected and starts not working. The unit takes a long time to stop dripping and even when it seems like it is done dripping, and you put it down, the unit still leaks more.

Now, you do get the foam on top of the coffee as you would expect and the coffee tastes great, but when you take apart the unit to start the clean up process, you also notice that the coffee is very wet. Not all the water gets pumped out of it, and there is also residual water in the water tank. Also, the cup of coffee you get is very small, only a few drinks out of it. Now having said that, my husband enjoyed the coffee, but did not enjoy the unit. He chose not to continue using this machine and opted to use the coffee on our regular Keurig coffee maker. Also, to make another point, this unit is being advertised as a coffee maker that you can take while camping. While we did not really like how this unit worked at home, it might be an alternative for when you do go camping, You be the judge.

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