How to get The Perfect Goatee Everytime !!!

Today, I’m going to be doing a review on My Perfect Goatee. My husband has always had a full beard but, I never thought about trying a goatee on him. Thank goodness he’s always up for something new. 

This is the My Perfect Goatee. It is a shaving template for guys with goatees. It helps to create a perfectly shaped goatee every time. Its very easy to use and clean. Its adjustable so it fits most face shapes.

This is the front of the template. You roll the metal piece out as far as you need to so it can fit around your mustache area and your chin. All three bars can be adjusted.

This is the back of the template. You are going to place the orange piece in your mouth and bite so it doesn’t move around. Please wash well first.

This is my wonderful husband Francisco. I am going to be trying out this nifty new template on him.

Yes, I know he looks like Hannibal Lecter. So, as you can see it’s covering his mustache and his chin. Most people who use this have a goatee already. Unfortunately my husband did not but, we are still going to try it out. Once you get it adjusted to your size take a razor and shave around the template. Its that simple.

This photo is just after finishing. It was so easy to use.

Final photo all cleaned up with a close shave. I love the look. I think I’m going to have him keep it.


How do you like the look? My daughter says he looks 10 years younger. Do you think he does?


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