Osejo’s Family Game Night Featuring Ninja Squirrels

Even though our daughters are pretty much grown. We still appreciate the “Sunday Funday.” I always cook a nice meal We sit around the kitchen table and just talk about our weeks. My favorite part is our “Osejo Family Game Night.” This weekend we played a game called Ninja Squirrels by RoosterFin. I received Ninja Squirrels for this review. Opinions expressed are my own.

Ninja Squirrels is a fun and quick paced game designed for Children and Adults that helps teach great skills such as, color matching, problem solving, and quick thinking. If you’ve ever played Slap Jack as a kid, your going to love this game.

What’s In The Box?

Players: 2-4
Ages: 7 to adult
Skills: Color Identification, Motor Skills


60 Cards
4 Ninja Character Cards
4 Battle Ring Pieces
20 Acorns
Simple Instructions

Ninja Squirrels comes with 4 Character cards, which are basically just for fun. They have no bearing on the game, but kids seem to like picking one to play. This could help children stay involved if they think they are a character in the game.


These are the cards that you pass out equally. When its your turn you place one of these cards into the middle of the ring if the Ninja outfit color and the acorn color match you grab that color acorn.

To set it up first build your playing ring by connecting the four game board pieces to form a circle.

This is a straight-forward, fast-paced game. Put one acorn of each color in the four holes on the game board to start.  Deal the cards evenly among the players (pass them all out).  Each player can then pick a ninja to represent them (you don’t really use these for anything other then to read about your ninja squirrel).

You will take turns placing a card face up in the center of the circle.  You are looking for a match (a match is when the ninja squirrel outfit and the acorn on the card are the same color) when you see a match try to grab an acorn on the board that matches the color on the card (purple, green, orange, or blue). When someone grabs it they get to keep it and replace the empty space with a random acorn from the box. You can have more then one of the same color acorn on the board at the same time after the first round.  If there are two blue acorns on the board and you play a blue match card then two players can each grab one of the different blue acorns and keep them. If you play a match card and there are no acorns of that color on the board keep playing until you get a match card that does have an acorn on the board. If someone grabs and acorn my error and there is no match card played they must return one of their acorns to the box.  Keep playing until you either run out of acorns or playing cards. The person with the most acorns wins the game. If there is a tie you will reset the game like the first round for the two who tied and the first person to grab an acorn wins.


There is no one 20 yrs or younger in our home and we loved the game. We all had so much fun. We even came with scratches.


Visit the www.RoosterFin.com for more information and a list of retailers. #RoosterFinGames


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