Really Digging The Garden Genie Gloves “Updated Version” By Flinelife

I purchased these garden gloves to use in my raised garden that my husband and daughter built me last summer. I have used so many garden gloves, but these are definitely the best so far. They are unlike any other gardening glove I’ve ever owned and I’ve tried many. These make planting and weeding in the garden quick and easy especially in the Florida heat. 


This is a quick look at the Updated Version of the Garden Genie Gloves. This version has two pairs of gloves one with the claws on both hands and the other just a plain pair of gloves. It also comes a 3 piece set of gardening tools. 

This is a quick look at the pair of gloves with the plastic claws on it .The claws are made with high density plastic, making them very durable. I’ve only used them for a few weeks but have seen no signs of wear or tear on them. I use them when I am digging, spreading, and weeding my garden. It’s so quick and really saves my hands and nails. I even use them sometimes to dig the small holes where I am going to plant my herbs.

 These are the plain pair of gloves. They are also very durable. Both pairs of gloves are made out of  durable natural rubber latex which are fully waterproof and puncture resistant. The material helps your hands breathe to minimize sweating inside the gloves.  It makes them easy to wash and you don’t have to worry about getting cut through the gloves. I use this pair of gloves to plant and to clean the debris away from the herbs. They bend easily so I keep a good grip on the plants so I don’t drop them.

These are the 3 piece garden tools that come with the set of gardening gloves. It includes 2 mini spades and a mini rake. I use the spades to transplant small plants to bigger pots. They aren’t that durable but they get the job done. I normally use the gloves so its okay that they are kind of cheap. They look more like toys. I guess a child would enjoy digging with them.

This is my beautiful raised garden that I mentioned before. I have really been enjoying it. It’s great therapy for me. Being chronically ill I don’t really have too many good days, so when I do, I go out to my garden. I love coming out and getting fresh herbs for the recipes I am cooking. I would definitely recommend these gloves to any  gardener.

If you are interested you can order your own set of Garden Genie Gloves with 3 piece garden tools here.

Do you enjoy digging in the dirt? Have you purchased a set yet? If you have, please leave a comment below on how you use them?


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