Review On The 4 Pieces Metal Herb Grinder with Magnetic Cover, Sifter And Pollen Scraper By Kepooman

Today, I am going to be doing a product review on a herb grinder by Kepooman. What is a herb grinder you ask? It is a just a “Yo-Yo looking” device that people use to simply “grind” their material. The most popular grinders come with 4 pieces. The thing people like most about the 4 piece grinder is that it has a chamber where the material gets collected. This grinder is made of  heavy duty zinc alloy which helps with it not rusting. What I like best about it is that it keeps the material inside and prevents me from having to dump the herbs out on anything such as a tray, paper towel.

When I tried it for the first time I used fresh parsley and rosemary. It was quite easy to use. First, put your material in the top piece (this device can be used for herbs, tobacco, or even marijuana). Second, twist the top of the device about 10 times or until the crunching stops. Third, tap on the sides a few times while the device is still closed to loosen up any stuck material. Forth, Make sure you have a good grip of the bottom part of the grinder so the material doesn’t fallout. Fifth, carefully turn the device over and dump out the material. Sixth, tap the device to get any excess material out. If some gets stuck don’t worry you can use the plastic that is provided to remove the remaining material.

This is what it looked like when I finished the grinding. It was so easy and opens up a new side of herbs. Surprisingly, many chefs use grinders to accentuate the essence of the flavors.

After I grinded the parsley and rosemary I used it on a pork loin I was roasting. The taste was incredible. This grinder will come in handy with my daily cooking. I would definitely recommend it.


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