Review On The Mainstays Richland Landing 2-Seat Swing with Pullout Ottomans

This weekend my husband, youngest daughter and myself put together this 2-seat swing that I got from

I have always wanted to add some comfortable and stylish seating to our backyard so, I chose this adorable Mainstays Richland Landing 2-Seat Swing with Pullout Ottomans. This 2-seat swing is exactly what I was looking for. Especially for the price only $111.67 right now at Was $149.00 You save $37.33. That’s not bad.

When we opened the box we couldn’t believe how many pieces it included. My daughter first took out the assembly instructions and we started checking off all the pieces to make sure they were all there. In the photo that’s only a quarter of the pieces.

This is a photo of all the bolts, washers, caps, etc. that we needed to build this swing.

First, we assembled the sides of the swing. Then the top and added the rods on the sides. This was probably the easiest part.

When my husband was tightening all of the bolts, he noticed that one of the side poles came with  a crack in it. We didn’t want to bother taking it back to the store so we are just hoping it doesn’t start rusting.

Next, we assembled the canopy and placed it on top of the already built part of the swing.

After putting together the swing frame we worked on placing the rods on the back of the 2 seats.

This was the worst part of the assembly. You can see in the photo that the holes were not straight so my husband had to push on the sides of the seats while my daughter tried to line up the bolts with the holes. It took almost 20 minutes, and then when they finally finished, the instructions said to place another rod in the side hole before placing the screws. Step 11 to 13 was all wrong on the instructions.

After my husband did the final tightening of the bolts, he hung the swing up on the frame. It looks so nice. I was very happy.

One of my favorite features of this swing is the built in ottoman it has on both seats. You can bring it out a little or a lot.

Here’s a closer view of the built in ottomans. They are great when my feet are hurting and swelling.


Besides the cracked pole and that the screws that didn’t line up properly, I really like this swing. Its a plus that the fabric is fade-resistant, and UV treated. The canopy is adjustable forwards and backwards to help protect you from the sun. The seat backs are high enough that you can rest your head on them. It is made of a durable, powder-coated steel frame. The weight capacity for each seat is 250 Lbs. The only downside to this swing set is that it is too low to the ground, meaning that when you sit down, you are only about 12-18 inches off the ground, which would make it difficult for an older person to get up from the seat.  Overall, I would recommend this to others who are looking for some stylish and comfortable seats for their backyards.

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