Review On The SENQIAO Inflatable Lounger Air Filled Balloon Furniture


This review is on the inflatable Lounger Air Filled Balloon Furniture by SENQIAO. I purchased this on Amazon.  It arrived on time and very well packaged.


This inflatable is a great idea to use at the beach, park, indoors or outdoors. I order this for my younger daughter to use outside in our backyard to read.  It comes with a storage tote bag  so you can easily carry it around and store it when not in use. . The lounger has 3 pockets to hold a phone, tablet, book etc.


The day it arrived I was so excited to show it to my daughter. We quickly went outside because it was nice and windy. We unpacked it and read the directions. It said to open one flap at a time and run towards the wind. So, off she went. She ran and ran and nothing. It barely filled the side pouch. Then I started running with her. No luck. We even went indoors and watched the YouTube video on how to inflate it. That didn’t work either. We figured maybe there wasn’t enough wind so, my husband suggested taking it inside and using a fan to blow it up. There we went.


When we got indoors we plugged in the fan and hoped it would work. We filled one side up then the other. It barely got half way full. We finally gave up and decided to return it. Maybe there is a small seam hole or something but we couldn’t find anything. I fell bad it didn’t workout. She was so excited to try it out.

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