Thank God It’s Friday’s (TGIF) Restaurant Review

Tonight, my husband and I went to eat dinner at our local TGIF’s in North Miami Beach, FL. Its been years since we have been there. Now, I remember why…. 

When we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by “no one” for almost 10 minutes. Finally, my husband had to ask when some was going to seat us. While we stood there waiting we thought the atmosphere was kind of cozy. It was a little loud with the football game playing pretty loud by the bar. When our waitress Stacy came to seat us she really wasn’t too outgoing. She sat us down at a table, handed us the menus and left for about another 10 minutes. 

When she finally returned she asked us what we wanted to drink and eat. She had no suggestions or anything. We finally order our drinks. My husband ordered a Sweet Iced Tea (pictured above) which he had to put sugar in because she kept bringing him unsweetened tea.  I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri (first one pictured ). It wasn’t too bad but it was alittle bitter.

We first ordered an appetizer. We decided on The Friday’s Combo. It comes with traditional or boneless wings. We got the traditional with buffalo wing sauce. It also has loaded potato skins and mozzarella sticks. When we started eating we both mentioned the potato skins had no flavor and were very over cooked. The buffalo wings tasted good, but the celery that is usually served with wings was not even sliced thin, they were just stalks. The mozzarella sticks were pretty good. The taste was good and they were nice and crispy. When you took a bite the cheese just oozed out of them.    

After we finished our appetizers the waitress brought our main course. I had the Flat Iron steak which is served with mashed potatoes and lemon butter broccoli. I tried my steak first, it was cooked medium as I asked but it really had no flavor, and was kind of tough. The lemon butter broccoli really wasn’t great. The lemon over powered the taste of the butter but, it was cooked nicely. The best thing was the mashed potatoes. They were so creamy and tasted great.

My husband ordered the Steak and Rib Combo that is served with a 10 oz steak, half rack of ribs, mashed potatoes ,and lemon-butter broccoli. He also tried his steak first. Same thing I was thinking, it had no taste. Plus, the waitress never asked him how he wanted his steak cooked so it was cooked medium. He prefers his steak rare to medium-rare. He likes it to have the blood running out. It definitely wasn’t. Next, he tried the lemon-butter broccoli. He liked the lemony taste and the broccoli was cooked perfectly. Then he tried the mashed potatoes. That so far was his favorite. He saved the ribs for last. Again, he wasn’t impressed. The ribs tasted good with the Jack Daniels sauce but, they didn’t taste like they were cooked in the sauce. It tasted like they put the sauce on when they were going to be served. They definitely would have tasted better if they were marinated and cooked with the sauce. Now, when we placed our order, they asked us if we wanted the steaks with their signature Jack Daniels sauce or the Buttery sauce. We both opted for the Jack Daniels sauce hoping for a different experience and taste on the steaks but found that to be a waste of money, since they charge an additional three dollars for that sauce.

We were running late to pick up our daughter so we didn’t get to try there desserts.

 Overall, the price! It’s intensely high. Especially the food quality and experience definitely didn’t compensate for it. We really didn’t love the meat. My husband didn’t enjoy having to put sugar in his supposed sweet iced tea. The best thing was the mashed potatoes. I can’t see spending almost $80.00 for mashed potatoes. I don’t think we will be visiting again.


Have you tried your local TGIF’s? What did you order? How was your experience?

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