The Best Of Both Worlds With The Keyboard Case For The Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus

I purchased this keyboard case for my new Samsung 8 plus. I never knew something like it even existed. A physical keyboard cover was never something I thought I’d want on a modern smartphone.

This keyboard case comes at a steep price of $50.00. It definitely isn’t a cheap accessory by any stretch, and many would ask the need for a physical keyboard, especially one that limits the screen space of such a beautifully large display.

The case is made of a durable molded polycarbonate shell. I found that the material attracts a lot of fingerprints. The keyboard slips onto the case. You can also snap it off when its not in use and place it on the back of the phone and it adds extra protection.

The cover and keyboard both feel like quality products, and the keys themselves have good tactile response when pressed. While most keyboards attach to the mobile device via Bluetooth, this isn’t the case with Samsung’s keyboard cover. In fact, it merely presses down over the virtual keyboard that pops up normally. It’s great that while using this attachment you don’t have to worry about draining your battery. The only down fall with this case that I found was that it doesn’t have a built in backup light on the keyboard you really can’t use it at nighttime. I also had problems trying to make a call with the case on. I had to remove the case to make the call. Another thing to mention is that the screen rotation is also blocked when the keyboard is attached. These three things are a huge downfall in my book and that is why I returned the case.

Do you think the keyboard is worth ruining the gorgeous look of the Galaxy 8 Plus?

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