Ipsy August 2017 “Good Vibes Only” Glam Bag Review

This is my first Ipsy Glam Bag Review. I heard that the glam bag usually comes in a pink envelope mailer. But, Apparently some people are getting a gold envelope mailers this month, as well as a booklet detailing their new cash back rewards for purchases. I got the gold envelope. I was so excited. 

Ipsy: is a $10 monthly makeup subscription service that ships 4-5 deluxe and full sized products each month.
Shipping: Free for USA. Add $4.95 for shipping to Canada.
Value: Glam bags can average to around $49USD, but this can vary as glam bags are semi-customized. In addition each month comes with a new makeup bag.
Customize: Fill out a profile quiz and get personalized products. Leaving feedback on your products in theory makes the curation better month to month.
Points: Earn points through referrals and reviewing your glam bag. In addition you get 100 points for joining. Points can be redeemed for extra items. You can sign up HERE!

This month’s theme is “Good Vibes Only”. There is three different bags this month, each with a different saying. Which bag did you get?, or wish you got? The bag is super cute. Love the gold tassel. My daughters and I are planning to put sanitary pads in it and start giving them away to homeless women.

Clarria Cosmetics Tinted Primer: I don’t usually use tinted primers so I did try it. It worked to keep foundation on longer but I think the color was to dark. They said it would still blend it. I don’t think it did. My daughter used it to help exfoliate her lips before swiping on lipstick to make it last way longer. The lipstick lasted longer but her lips started chapping. I don’t think we will be using this product again.

Hey Honey Come Clean: Propolis & Minerals Facial Scrub:  I love using this scrub! It doesn’t have much scent, but the scent it does have is light.You start with just the scrub lightly rubbing it into your skin, slowly adding water for 1 minute and rubbing in the resulting lotion.Great for all skin types, I have combo skin oily/dry with occasional zits, works wonders and leaves your skin so smooth and soft and clean! I will definitely be buying this with my points.

TheBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow Kuwakaribisha:  Love this eyeshadow! Great color for me! Love that its natural earthy color that has a little sparkle too. Great product to use a little or to apply more for deeper color. Love it either way.

Eye Makeup 101

Not sure what goes where? Check out this chart to become an eye makeup pro.

1.Inner Corner-
Tap a light, shimmery shade here to brighten and make you look wide awake.
Add major definition by sweeping a neutral matte shadow in the hollow curve above your eyelid.
3.Brow Bone-
Add highlighter (or pale shadow) just beneath your brows for an instant lift.
4.Outer V-
Blend a darker shade here for even more lifting, defining, and fierceness.
Intensify your eyes and make whites look crazy bright by tracing waterproof liner here.
6.Lower Lashline-
Blend a neutral shade along and beneath your lower lashes to balance out your top lid and create a subtle smoky effect.
Last but not least: Sweep your fave shade across entire your lid. Make sure to blend!


Pacifica Coconut Blush Duo: This is a blush duo from Pacifica which is an awesome brand because they use super natural ingredients. These blushes are actually coconut infused which is super unique. Also, these pans are huge! I’m pretty sure these are full size blushes which is so impressive!

Sundays Nail Polish in No. 07: I love this nail polish. The color is beautiful. I love nude colors and this is one of my favorites. I love the fact that it is cruelty-free and non-toxic.


What was your favorite item in your glam bag this month? Thank you for reading everyone, if you enjoyed this post please leave a comment below and remember to follow me here and on Instagram!




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