OwlCrate May Review: Comic Explosion

My daughter loves to read so she decided to subscribe to OwlCrate because she enjoys Young Adult books. She also loved the idea of all the extra goodies that comes with signed hardcover book. These boxes run at $29.99 + $6.99 shipping per month. This box is for Classic Young-Adult book box. Good for ages 14+. They also have a OwlCrate Jr for Middle-Grade box for readers aged 8-12.


My daughter’s first OwlCrate came today in the mail. It was sitting on the porch when we  arrived home. She rushed inside to open it up. The first thing we noticed was that there was the cutest little owl feet on the side of the box.

This is all the great stuff that came in the ” Comic Explosion” box.  My daughter was so excited when she opened it up. She loved everything. Except the coffee candy but, we will get back to that. I will go over everything in the box. After that you will be running to subscribe.

First thing she pulled out was this adorable sneak peak of what was going to be in the box. She also pulled out this pen that has a comic strip around it. The pen has six different colors to choose from.

Next, was the zipper puller that has such a cute comic on it. It says Zzziiip!!! Pun intended. She was so excited she went and got her purse which has a piece of her zipper broken so she put it on there. It looks great. It also came with a comic pin that she put on her bookbag.

This was what she waiting for. The full size Captain America Funko Pop. We stayed on this item for a while. When she opened up she realized it was kind of like a bobble head. We had to stop everything so she could go find the perfect place to put him in her room.  This definitely was her favorite part of the box.

Next, was the adorable size candle that is suppose to smell like Wonder Woman. It smells like berries.

This one was her least favorite like I mentioned before. It’s Kafe Coffee Candy. She doesn’t like any kind of coffee so she gave it to me. I tried one. It tasted good in the beginning but, got way to strong as I sucked. Not my favorite either. But, you can’t get everything perfect.

There was also an exclusive chapter one of the Afar comic magazine by Leila Del Duca. In a fantastical post-industrial desert, fifteen-year-old Boetema suddenly develops the ability to astral project to other planets while she sleeps. When she accidentally gets a young man hurt on a planet light-years away, she must figure out a way to project back to save him. On her own world, Boetema’s two parents have temporarily left her and her thirteen-year-old brother, Inotu, to make a living as salt shepherds. Left to their own devices, the two siblings must flee across a dangerous desert when Inotu gets into trouble with a threatening cyborg bodyguard. As Boetema visits amazing planets and encounters vibrant cultures, she must confront her mistakes and learn to trust in Inotu as she navigates her newfound abilities. It sounds very interesting.

Now, last but not least the hardcover book ” Eliza and her monster’s”. The nice thing about this is that the cover is an OwlCrate exclusive.

 It also comes with a signed Fight Your Monsters signed by the author Francesca Zappia.


So, needless to say my daughter loved her “Comic Explosion” box. She can’t wait til next month’s theme “Make It Out Alive”.

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